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One of the most common problems with redlining is that documents can be difficult to read when the number of changes increases. Without a clean copy, spelling errors and minor formatting errors can easily be overlooked. Before PCs, document comparison meant printing two versions of a single document and detailing verification of those printed copies for edits and version changes. These include the potential for human error and the considerable administrative time that this laborious process has required. A rule was used with a red pencil to draw barred lines with deleted text and doubly highlighted inserted text. The term “Redline” comes from the use of a red pen on the original/current version. When the document was placed in a photocopier, the copies appeared in black, that is, the term “Blackline.” [1] Give your employee the tools to effectively perform their own redlining processes by providing them with three versions of your document: a red-lined version (to track your edits), an unselected version (for a single read) and a copy immediately ready for your own edits. In the broadest definition, document comparison may refer to any act of marking changes that have been made between two versions of the same document and that represent these changes in a third document via a graphical interface. There are several variations in the types of changes recorded by the document comparison process.

Some programs limit comparison to the content of texts and tables in word processing documents, while others record changes in tables and presentations, as well as changes in PDF versions. There are also programs that compare changes to objects such as JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG images embedded in documents and text files only. Different solutions can use different colors and conventions to indicate changes that may occur in previous versions. New or modified text may have a highlight, be doubly highlighted or printed in bold, included in parentheses, etc., while text that has been removed from the document may be struck or otherwise displayed. My problem with MS Word for Mac`s Compare Documents is this: Redlining doesn`t give me a permanent redlined version. In other words, if the deleted text appears in red in a paragraph with a barred text, I would copy the paragraph with this new format and insert it later. I tried to save in PDF format to get around the problem. While the PDF document looks correct, copy and paste of the PDF file loses by hitting and accentuating the format.

Experts from the banking, financial and accounting sectors manage large amounts of data in the table tables. Since a change in a value or formula could affect a large amount of data, these experts believe that document comparison (for example. B Comparing two versions of an MS Excel table) is extremely useful for ensuring accurate document change management. Microsoft Word adds a special marking in a document to indicate where a person has made changes or added comments. Integration is only done if the examiner has activated Word`s revision tool called lane change. With this tool, organizations that have multiple teammates checking a document can make changes or comments. This can lead to a document that is difficult to read because all changes and comments are displayed.