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The presidents have also reaffirmed the power to unilaterally withdraw from agreements between Congress and the executive branch, but there is a scientific debate about the extent to which the Constitution allows the president to act in such circumstances without legislative approval. Some scholars claim that the president has the power, unilaterally withdrawing from the executive agreements of Congress, although he is not allowed to end the domestic effects of a law implementing laws.194 But others argue that Congress must approve the end of executive agreements that confer exclusive powers on Congress, such as power over international trade. , and which have obtained congressional approval after being concluded by the executive branch.195 Although this debate is still developing.195 Although this debate is still developing. , the president`s unilateral termination of the executive agreements of Congress has not been the subject of much litigation, and previous studies have established that such a denunciation has not generated much legislative opposition.196 For the executive and executive agreements of Congress concluded in accordance with the treaties, the nature of the termination may be dictated by the underlying contract or by the underlying status on which the agreement is based.189 in the case of executive agreements concluded under the of a contract, the Senate may condition its approval of the underlying contract on the requirement that the President not terminate or terminate executive agreements under the authority of the treaty without authorization from the Senate or Congress.190 And for the executive agreements of Congress, Congress may prescribe termination in the approval or execution status of the agreement.191 If a breach of contract occurs and one or both parties want to enforce the treaty. under its conditions and attempts at an informal solution, the aggrieved party may bring an action before the competent civil court. In some cases, the parties will attempt mediation before taking legal action. A party that has succeeded in mediation or court can get a specific benefit (an order that allows the broken party to meet its end of the agreement) or one of a number of different types of damages, including: Sarah Jessica Parker is the actress known for her starring role in one of the most popular television series of all time , sex and the city. She played Carrie Bradshaw, a newspaper columnist who played on life, relationships, shopping and jewelry. Like the character she portrayed, Parker is also a jewelry fanatic and in 2015 she signed a five-year, $7.5 million contract with Kat Florence Design to support and promote the jewelry brand. [1] Three years later, the company sued Parker for breach of contract and asserted that it had not maintained its end by not supporting the brand and by participating in events that courted the products.