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Dole Gip Internship Agreement

A DOLE-GIP “B” form is called an application form for the government internship program. This form must be completed by applicants who wish to apply for the internship program currently presented by the Ministry of Labour and Employment. This form is designed by the Ministry of Labour and Employment. The goal is to attract more people to their internship programs. They are looking for results-oriented, innovative and brilliant individuals who join them. As an intern in one of their programs, you will be able to train and have a lot of experience. To be an ideal candidate for the internship program, you must obtain a degree or a bachelor`s degree in various fields. These include business management, accounting, public policy, financial management, information systems, human resources management, etc. The Ministry of Labour and Employment selects candidates who draw on their skills and experience. The internship is usually seasonal. You can apply this form in the spring, summer, fall or winter. You can also submit the application throughout the year.

First, you must include your family, first name and last name. Please provide your home address with the phone number, mobile phone number, fax and email. Include place of birth and date of birth, gender and marital status. Describe your training by indicating the institution and location, the main subject of the studies, the inclusive date, the actual name of the diploma or diploma. You should describe your field of study in more detail on the next page of your application and explain why you are curious about the internship. Form date and sign it at the end. Your use of this website is subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Prepare copies of all certificates you have. They must be certified.

Fix the photo taken this year and no earlier. If you have completed the application and have attached all the necessary documents, send it to the Ministry of Labour and Employment.