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Jetty Agreement

Each party agrees not to disclose to third parties information about customers, trade secrets, methods, processes, etc., or any other confidential, commercial or financial information of the other party that it has disclosed in the course of the implementation of this agreement, without the prior written consent of that other party. This obligation will apply even after the agreement or licence has been terminated. A pier is a structure that throws earth into the water. It may also relate specifically to a sidewalk encroaching on the center of a closed water mass. The term derives from the Discarded French word, “discarded,” which means that something is thrown away. [1] If a provision of these conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable, that provision is adopted and the other provisions are applied. If you or others do not act on non-compliance with these conditions, our right to act with respect to subsequent or similar errors will not be removed. These terms define the whole agreement and agreement between you and Jetty with respect to the purpose of this contract. Muscat, June 14 (ONA) —- The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries today signed an agreement on a project to develop a Daba fishing bridge in Musandam governorate.

The agreement with Al Sarouj Constructions Company cost 40 million RO. 4. – (1) The State may occasionally request from the Commonwealth Treasurer an amount to be advanced by the Commonwealth under this agreement with respect to the cost of moorings. 8. The Commonwealth Treasury and the Treasurer may at any time consolidate all amounts transferred to the State under this agreement and not repaid by the State, repay the interest and pay the interest, and then be paid by the State to the Commonwealth, in accordance with the agreement, instead of the dates set in accordance with clauses 6 and 7 of this agreement. CRMJetty reserves the right to amend or amend these Terms at any time. It is the client`s responsibility to inquire about the changes made to this agreement. 5. The State may not use or use any amount or part of an amount available to it under this agreement, except to cover mooring costs. These terms of use (“Conditions”) govern your access to www.jetty.com (the “Site”) and to our application, products and services (“Services”), all owned by Jetty National, Inc. and operated by Jetty National, Inc.