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Limits Of Agreement

For blood pressure data with the size of the sample N-85 presented to Bland and Altman [2], the average sampling difference (less machine observer) and the standard deviation of differences S -19.61 are the 95% confidence intervals – 48.3770, – 47,5754, 48.3770, – 47,5754, and , and , For the estimate of the interval of 97.5. Percentiles are 95% “confidence intervals” (“breithat”) L, “breithat” U – 15.7970 , 30,3701, AL , , even if the differences between these estimates are not significant, It is important to note that the confidence limits of the 2.5th percentile are in increasing order of ” (breithat”uptheta) L < " (breithat "uptheta) AL < . widehat-uptheta-) BAL and "widehat" -Uptheta (U-<) ("widehat" "uptheta") AU < " (breithat" -uptheta- While the confidence limits of 97.5. The percentiles have the opposite situation: "("widehat"uptheta") BAL < "breithat" ("breithat" -Uptheta-Nr.) Al-< uptheta-upthe and "breithat" -upthe < <ta- This intrinsic relationship between the three interval methods is more justified than usual in the simulation study. Bland-Altman parcels were also used to investigate a possible link between the differences between the measurements and the actual value (i.e. proportional distortion). The existence of proportional distortion indicates that the methods do not uniformly correspond to the range of measures (i.e., the limits of compliance depend on the actual measure). To formally assess this relationship, the difference between methods should be reduced to the average of the two methods.