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Mazda Added Protection Agreement

No no. Currently, we offer unlimited miles warranty not as a Mazda Added Protection (MAP) product. However, we have a range of additional protection products and extended safeguards for previous model years. Look at your Mazda dealership to find choices. Of course, no protection program can cover all kinds of circumstances. The following points, which are considered maintenance repairs, are not covered by mazda protection plans: glass, lenses, sealed supports, light bulbs, trim, molded parts, light metal, padding, MX-5 soft top fabric, color, body, exhaust system (including catalyst), brake pads, brake pads, rotators and drums, clutch pads, shock absorbers, McPherson spring legs, steering boots , batteries, ignition candles, ignition wire kits, distribution rotor, heating pipes, pipes, tires, side mirrors, ducts, external switching fittings, spare wheel carriers, setting devices, scratches, water leaks, wheel deflections, wheel direction, accessories (except dealers installed Mazda air conditioning kits). What we like about this plan is that the main components are covered. These are the parts that would cost the most to replace or repair in your local garage, so the extended warranty is a cost saving. In addition, the troubleshooting service is also included in the package, which can be a real life savior if you ever get stuck on the street.

Similarly, travel interruption coverage and refunds for car rentals include significant additional benefits Services and protection plans available: new vehicle warranty, increased confidence, CAP protection, vehicle theft protection, tire and wheel protection, pre-payment and protection of Appearance packages. At Mazda Canada, we are committed to your satisfaction. We don`t just want to sell you a vehicle – we want you to look forward to every aspect of your experience with us, from buying to driving to service, which is why we offer this program. Mazda offers you the service and protection you need to maximize your performance across Canada, or the U.S. Mazda Group`s factory warranty sets a vehicle protection standard that every Mazda owner should not be satisfied with. This is why, when their coverage expires, Mazda owners should consider a car service contract commonly known as a car warranty. If you know all your options and you ingest as much information about Mazda`s extended warranties, you`ll find the highest level of vehicle protection at the lowest price.