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Permanent Placement Fee Agreement

me Derby – Company Incorporated (me Derby) refers candidates to Name of Company (Client). Any recommendations I have made are considered effective for a period of 12 months. Intermediation/advice fees are charged when the client, his departments, subsidiaries or affiliates use the services in any capacity of a candidate who has been submitted within 12 months of the transfer to the client by me Derby. Intermediation fees are 27 per cent (27 per cent). Guaranteed salary for the first year, which includes base salary, draw, guarantee and signing bonus. If the base salary were to draw z.B 100,000 USD plus 20,000 USD, the fee would be 27% on 120,000 USD, or 32,400 USD. . . .

The RETAINER FEE for this research is 1/3 of the estimated total tax. A projected salary is agreed, and the conservation fees are determined and paid to me Derby to initiate the research. Detention fees are not refundable. The balance of the tax would be due 15 calendar days after the start date of the hired candidates (the first business day for your business) to initiate the guarantee period. Full payment is due within 10 calendar days from the start date of the recommendation (the first business day for your business) to initiate the warranty period. Otherwise, all payments are due within 30 days of the invoice date. A financing fee of 1.5% per month is added to all unpaid balances after 30 days. .

m Derby offers both quota and continued research. The VITAE CURRICULUM that I sent to derby to your company contain information provided by individual candidates. While I am conducting derby reference checks, client acknowledges that all the information on the CVs has not been verified regardless of me derby. All final reference checks and other basic information checks, unless otherwise stated, are the responsibility of the client. The total fee for our retained service is 30% of the candidate`s guaranteed annual salary, including the draw, guarantee and signing bonus. Derby maintains an equal opportunity policy on employment. All applicants are dismissed only on the basis of their qualifications, regardless of race, sex, sex, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability. If derby refers a candidate to your company and you want the candidate to be engaged in a temporary or contractual capacity, Derby will charge me 27% which will be billed each week, in addition to the salary paid directly by your company to the candidate.

The payment of the contract applies to research fees and temporary work applied to the warranty. 01-30 days: Refund 75% of 31-60 days fee: Refund 50% of 61-90 days tax: refund 25% of fees (guarantee period begins at start date). . . . We know that it is sometimes difficult to determine in some interviews whether someone is actually qualified for a particular position. Me Derby offers the next 90 calendar guarantee period if your payment has been received within 10 calendar days of the start date. There is no guarantee if payment is received after 10 days of schedule. If there were to be a fall within the first 90 days of the calendar for any reason, Derby will refund me a portion of the tax according to the following schedule.