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Ppta Collective Agreement Salary Scale

(e) applications received as of June 1, 2008 pursuant to 4.2.2 b) (b) and where the NZ-trained teacher has completed teacher training (as recognized by the Aotearoa New Zealand Board of Education after November 1, 2007) may include relevant work experience, c) salary on the teacher`s first pay slip. A teacher who is appointed to a higher position during a pay leave does not receive a salary for the new position until the new duties are taken over. This scale applies to teachers employed by a restricted teaching authority. (d) teachers who move into an HPTSA school have the right to take over either the transmission and relocation provisions of this agreement, or alternative transfer and relocation provisions or grants that may be offered from time to time by the Ministry of Education and for which they would be eligible, but not for both. After a continuous service of at least three years in one or more HPTSA schools, a teacher has access to the transfer and relocation provisions of this agreement if he moves from that category of school to another learning position in a public or integrated school. c) A teacher who receives an additional salary in a position of relief on the last day of schooling is paid for the next leave for a period that, depending on the case, is one-quarter or three-tenths of the length of the job or until the end of the leave, depending on the shortest period. 4.16.1 A permanent teacher who, in a given position above the basic scale, receives compensation for the period under review, which represents the difference between his salary and the rate for the position that the teacher reduces, but no more than the rate corresponding to three units above the teacher`s place of residence and under conditions that the Minister of Education may authorize. 4.7.1 During a possible wage protection, the teacher is entitled to increases or wage increases due. At the end of the protection period, teachers` salaries are reduced to the maximum salary to be paid under the new rank of the position. When a teacher whose salary has been reduced is later paid a new salary, it is judged as if no reduction had been made. 4.16.4 When a teacher is relieved of the role of teacher of Kahui Ako (inter-community), Because the teacher has been appointed, the dependent teacher is entitled to the salary and time supplements for the role provided for in point 4.23, as long as: full-time teachers can benefit from overtime rates on the basis of 1/380 for each half day of instruction at the appropriate rate of pay, without receiving all supplements and allowances, as required by the Minister of Education.

A committee made up of representatives from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, the Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand, the Ministry of Education, the New Zealand School Trustees Association and the Post Primary Teachers Association will meet from time to time at the request of one of the aforementioned organizations to review and resolve any outstanding or new issues regarding teachers` salary qualifications. These may be either isolated cases or broader qualification or teaching issues. This collective agreement provides a basic scale for trained teachers and a basic scale for out-of-school teachers. 4.4.1 Short-term reliefs used in accordance with item 3.2.5 (a) are paid up to 1/190 of the appropriate annual salary for each day of work (including leave pay); If the maximum daily rate for non-weekly workers does not exceed 6 1/190 weeks of stage 6 of the basic scale – trained teachers or level 10 of the basic scale – untrained teachers.