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Regulated Credit Agreement Exemptions

it is presumed that the borrower entered into the agreement in whole or in part for the purposes covered by point b), unless paragraph 6 applies. a credit contract to refinance the borrower`s existing debts, whether with the lender or another person, or 60J. An unauthorized person does not engage in any section 60 B, paragraph 2, type 60, activity with respect to a regulated credit contract, where that person exercises or exercises the rights and obligations of the lender under an agreement with a mandated person who has the authority to engage in a section 60 B type of activity. paragraph 2. (2) A credit contract is a tax-exempt agreement for a regulated mortgage contract or regulated home purchase plan. (a) a credit contract does not fall within the definition if the credit is actually granted in such a way that the borrower is free to use it at the borrower`s choice, even if some uses would be contrary to that agreement or others; and 4The exemption under section 55 of the exemption regulation applies to securitization vehicles and other entities that are part of a structured financing transaction and meet the conditions. It grants a person (“P”) an exemption from the general prohibition of regulated exercise or the right to practice. the lender`s rights and obligations under a regulated credit contract (and related regulated activities), where an agreement is reached for an authorized person with the authority to insure the loan or such an agreement has been terminated within the last 30 days. (c) it provides that the only tax included in the total credit commission is interest, a borrower-lender-supplier agreement that funds a transaction related to – 60C.–1) A credit contract is a tax-exempt agreement for the purposes of this chapter in the following cases.

In addition, there are exceptions to credit reduction, debt adjustment, debt advice and the provision of credit information services to a corporate system, provided that it does not operate for or with the prospect of direct or indirect financial benefit. The amounts reasonably necessary to cover the costs of the exercise of the activity do not constitute a financial benefit for this purpose. (b) agreements that are conditional sales or lease-to-sale contracts; “total price,” the total amount payable by the debtor under a lease-sale agreement, including the amount to be paid in the event of an option to purchase, but without any amount to be paid as a penalty, compensation or compensation for a breach of contract; b) the lender is a credit union and the interest rate of the total commission for loans does not exceed 42.6%.