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The Collective Agreement For Salaried Employees In The Energy Industries

“The agreement is a compromise reached after a long negotiation process. The good news is that it maintains the necessary working hours and ensures competitiveness. The working time agreement has been adapted to the group of people concerned,” says Jarkko Ruohoniemi, Finland`s Director of Industrial Relations, Technology Industries. Collective agreements are one of the most important benefits of unions. Collective agreements have improved many legal conditions that affect the status of workers. – YTN will continue negotiations next week to secure implementations on several fronts, including the technology industry, the design sector, the IT sector, the chemical industry and the energy sector. In addition, several negotiations are under way in service sectors such as ICT, finance and architectural design. – Although the recent breakthrough between the Finnish industrial union and the Finnish technology industry has received a great deal of media attention, it does not appear to have addressed the general impasse in collective bargaining. This is partly due to a strong line from employers that the provisions of the 2016 competition pact have been removed from the industrial union collective agreement, but should not be automatically removed from other collective agreements.

Overall, less attention has been paid to the fact that almost 70% of workers covered by the technology industry collective agreements in Finland have not yet obtained new regulations, representing about 200,000 employees and senior managers. The issue of hours in the Competitiveness Pact has been settled in the agreement, which will allow the employer to allocate 16 hours of additional work to older workers. However, opening hours may not be scheduled for weekdays or Saturdays of those weeks. In addition, in some cases, the employer may apply for a training day (8 a.m.) for a day off. The base salary, without remuneration or additional increase, is paid for all these hours. In addition, working time can be extended by local negotiations. Collective Agreement for Executives in the Technology Sector 2020-2021 The collective agreement of energy executives and executives is signed between Finnish Energy and the Association of Professional Executives (YTN).