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What Is A Company Collective Agreement

In some systems, this is determined on the basis of a union that requires no less than a certain percentage of the company`s workers in their affiliation. This decision can be made by a popular vote in the workplace or by an external certification body, for example. B a labor department or an independent legal body. Once an interim agreement has been reached between the employer and union representatives, each union member has the opportunity to vote in favour of its acceptance or rejection. If at least 50% of union members who vote accept the agreement, it becomes legally binding. If union members do not accept the agreement, the employer and union representatives can continue negotiations. Alternatively, the union may call for a strike vote. In addition, a strike vote must obtain at least 50% of the vote. Very rarely, if a union cannot obtain ratification or strike authorization, it will waive its right to represent workers. – be written – signed by employers and unions who are parties to the collective agreement – contains a cover clause indicating the work that falls within the agreement – a clear declaration to resolve potential disputes between employers and workers, including the 90-day period for a personal complaint – description of how to amend the agreement, usually by adding a clause – Indication of an expiry date or event if the agreement ceases – contains a provision in accordance with the Leave Act 2003, employees must be paid at least one and a half hours to work on public holidays – provide an explanation of how employees are protected when the business is sold, transferred or cancelled In the law firm NJORD, we have extensive experience in legal advice related to collective agreements.

We support you by giving you an overview of the conditions of your employees. Our lawyers advise on both collective agreement rights and rights arising from other countries. Freedom of association and collective bargaining provide opportunities for constructive dialogue, not confrontation, which uses energy to focus on solutions that bring benefits to the company, its stakeholders and society as a whole. Collective agreements are generally valid for two years, sometimes three and sometimes one. Before the contract expires, the union and employer will enter into negotiations for a renewal contract. The involvement of trade unions and strict guidelines can make it difficult to develop a collective agreement.